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The heart of the astronomical observatory at Keystone College since 1973.

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天文台 at Keystone College

托马斯·G. Cupillari ’60 天文台, located a short drive from our La Plume campus in Fleetville, PA, promotes an understanding of the night sky along with a general knowledge of astronomy for the Keystone College community and the general public.

Whether you’re taking an astronomy course or just interested in the night sky, the observatory at Keystone College offers a unique, hands-on learning experience. Observing the night sky and finding objects using a telescope will help open the wonders of the universe. Whatever your ambitions in astronomy, we can help you get started.

Photo of a red colored moon links to Minor Planet Project

Minor Planet Project

托马斯·G. Cupillari 天文台 ’60 has been issued an 天文台 Code I17 designation from the Minor Planet Center. 查看项目.

天文台 Public Viewing Program

The Keystone College 托马斯·G. Cupillari ’60 天文台 programs offer an observation of the night sky through the telescopes. The scheduled programs are provided as a community service and are free of charge. No registration required. 

Spring Program: March 20-May 24, 2024

托马斯·G. Cupillari ’60 Astronomical 天文台 will begin its spring sessions on Wednesday, March 20 from 7:30–9:30 p.m. and will continue each Wednesday and Friday evening through Friday, May 24. The sessions are provided free of charge and advance registration is not required.

Following a brief talk, participants will be able to observe the Moon, 行星, 星团, 星云, 星系, and the Milky Way through telescopes.

The sessions will be held outdoors and in unheated buildings and visitors should dress accordingly. The sessions will be held on both cloudy or clear nights and will only be canceled due to severe weather. 访问ors should check the weather before traveling to the 天文台.

Monday evenings are reserved for groups of 20 or more, such as school classes, 童子军, and community organizations. For more information or to make group arrangements, contact Jo-Ann Kamichitis at 570-945-8402 or email observatory@soongshinkid.com


The 天文台 is located at the intersection of Route 107 and Hack Road in Fleetville, a short distance from the College’s main campus. It is approximately two miles west on Route 107 from Interstate 81 exit 202 and approximately two miles east of Fleetville on Route 107. Once visitors turn onto Hack Road, the 天文台 is almost immediately to the left.

Will the sky be clear at the observatory?

The clear sky chart numerical weather forecast is specifically designed for astronomers and will predict if the 托马斯·G. Cupillari ’60 天文台 will have good weather for astronomical observing. At a glance, the sky chart shows when it will be cloudy or clear for the next two days.

Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another. ~柏拉图